Body Beauty Full

A rhythmic and layered course to uncover what it means to live the creative life.
For those who want to live a different life. A freer, truer, realer life.

Body Beauty FullBody Beauty Full:
be you. be full. be beautifull.

e-course with Maya Gonzalez

Remembering and reclaiming the birthright of our creative power and living the creative life is a revolutionary act of self, of spirit and trust that we can change the world.

But what does it mean to live the creative life?
And what does the body have to do with it?

The body is the base of all Being here. Our bodies are one of the most telling conversations we are having with our deep creative force. In this course, we learn to listen to our bodies, follow our intuition, be strong, free our voice, feel our feelings and love our bodies for the first time. When we attend to the body as a creative expression, it affects everything. The stronger we are in the body, no matter what body we have, the stronger we are in everything.

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Radical Self LoveRadical Self Love
Beliefs & IntentionBeliefs & Intention
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If all this course accomplished was to support you in beginning to remove judgment from your food and your body, you would feel lighter and freer. And this in turn would lead you to the next step, whatever that may be for you, toward even more freedom and a stronger self. It’s natural. When you let yourself BE, really BE who you are, you begin to access your most effective and perfect way of being in your life, your way. Because your way is how you’re meant to live your life.

This course simply supports you to be the you that’s underneath the you that you think you need to be for the world, your work, your friends and family. This course is for the self we seldom let ourselves fully BE. It is for those who want to live a different life. A freer, truer, realer life. A life that feels meaningful and holds clear direction and strong sense of self. Those who want to learn ways to negotiate times of doubt, fear, and submission and ways to support yourself.

More about the course materials and their intention:

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Body Beauty Full
helps you to:


Assess What Is-increase awareness
I am free to see what is really going on in my life. I am free to know who I really am.
Remove Judgment-return to the open, inquisitive mind
I am free to approach my life from a new, inquisitive perspective. I am open to different, more effective and effortless ways of dealing with my life. I am free to be myself. My natural, creative abilities are free to me.
Create Support
I am free to support myself and free unlimited support is all around me.
I am free to express what is real. I am free to be the artist I am.
Accepting my life in this moment, frees me to create a new way of life.

Body Beauty Full symbol by Maya Gonzalez

Video Introductions to Each Session Video Introductions to Each Session
to bring greater AWARENESS to self and experience
Each session begins with video and writings to introduce you to that session's themes and prepare for a more in-depth look as you work through the other activities and projects
Art Projects Art Projects
to GUIDE you into using art as a tool to know more about yourself.
I'll model the projects for each session in video format allowing you to witness both the act of making art as well as how I use the project to explore more about myself and my life lessons.
Journal Prompts & Inspirations Journal Prompts & Inspirations
to INVITE further exploration of each session's themes
Writing prompts provide the opportunity to go deeper into each session. And, the Body Beauty Full Inspirations distill the session themes into a portable form to carry around with you. I encourage you to write them down and read them out loud to yourself repeatedly throughout the day. Put a copy near your bed, on your mirror, anywhere you fancy! 
Audio Meditations Audio Meditations
to learn how to FEEL the body and emotions without suffering
Meditations to both support the other course materials as well as emotional resilience. These are slow and gentle meditations to support the loosening up and mobilization of emotions suppressed deep in the body.
Handouts and Worksheets Handouts and Worksheets
to assist in removing judgment and NURTURE inquisitive mind
"From the Artist" Handouts offer a fable, a recounting of a personal story, or modeling with my own life about what I’ve learned about creativity to help open to new ways of thinking and perceiving. Questionnaires and worksheets bring awareness to your thinking in relation to the session's focus and to assess patterns and any changes.
Holistic Approach
Through a rhythmic and layering format with multiple levels of activities and projects, we begin to open up different ways of knowing and experiencing life. You will gather as you go, layering in meaning and purpose to your experience and expression.
Course materials guide you to uncover your thoughts and beliefs, bringing greater awareness to areas that you may not have considered. You will come to identify your own lesson and power and develop a new framework of relating to your self and your world
Radical Self Love
This work is very gentle however profound. In this course, we do not dwell on trauma or its effects, but it is powerful to be able to ackowledge where we've been to ourselves and from that place real change begins.

Strength of Spirit

A Session-by-Session Look:
Session 1: Walking In Session 1: Walking In
In this first session, we become familiar with the course format and the philosophical principles as well as begin preparing for some art making.
Session 2: Identifying your Myth Session 2: Identifying your Myth
Our second session we will address seeing the patterns and overall structures of our personal story and how our bodies are impacted by our story.
Session 3: Removing Judgment Session 3: Removing Judgment
Judgment can easily disguise itself as truth. This session you will begin to discern between what is a truth for you and what is a “truth” you have taken on from outside of yourself about your body. We will begin to take a fearless look at what we believe and how it impacts our bodies and our perception of our bodies.
Session 4: Finding Reflection Session 4: Finding Reflection
In order to feel that we belong in the world, we need images that are genuine, powerful and inspiring that we can relate to. This session will be your opportunity to experience waves of body beauty and realness and sense that you are not alone.
Session 5: Addressing the Specific Session 5: Addressing the Specific
We each have something that is our own private lesson. It may be similar to others, but ultimately it is wholly our own and deeply private.
Session 6: Parenting/Being a Model Session 6: Parenting/Being a Model
Some of us are parents, some of us work with children, some of us just want a better world for kids. This session we will take a moment to reflect on how to best serve our children to develop a love for their unique bodies. What does that look like and how can we contribute?
Session 7: Self-Expressive Style Unleashed Session 7: Self-Expressive Style Unleashed
Most of us have been communicated with very clearly about what we should wear and how. This session is our grand chance to step out of that frame and explore what would truly express our nature. Clothes and jewelry become the art medium to express our soul’s desire and belonging.
Session 8: Integration Session 8: Integration
This session we will review the basic principles and how to continue supporting ourselves in developing our own practice of LIVING THE CREATIVE LIFE.
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About Maya

Maya Gonzalez has been teaching about the power of creativity to heal and transform for over 20 years. She realized that it's one thing to make art and quite another to understand that WE ARE ART. All of Maya's teachings rise from her own learning and healing, inside and out. She has always used art and creativity as a tool for self-awareness and perspective through life experiences, including navigating and healing from a long-term illness/brush with death.

Hell bent on equity. Deeply committed to children's books. Maya is both an acclaimed fine artist and award-winning children's book author and artist. She is a progressive educator and activist who loves thinking the big thoughts and making things happen.