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About our model of doing business

At the root of both our School and our Press, is a desire to support people in creating a new world. We believe that to effectively do this we must each start with ourselves. While we like to share what we're up to, we don't "market" our classes because we know that this work is something that people must feel called to do. We want to create a world that doesn't rely on manipulating people's vulnerabilities; something so often at the root of advertising. We know that our vulnerabilities are a source of strength. We trust that if we shine bright enough we will be a beacon for those that feel the call to come play! We also trust and hope that people who engage with us and our courses will share about their experiences with others and inspire others to come play too. We keep classroom fees as manageable as possible including scholarships to make sure that the same inequality present in the world is not perpetuated in who can afford to take our courses. We could go on but we should probably try to keep it short, feel free to browse around our website to learn more about us and always feel free to contact us.

Is School of the Free Mind a non-profit?

We've walked around pursuing non-profit status numerous times and after careful consideration we felt that becoming a non-profit was not a good fit for us. Besides really coming to terms with what works and doesn't work for us and what is in alignment with our work, a valuable book for us was also, The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex (you can read the introduction from that book here). While we feel that 501c3 status likely works well for others, and we're always open to fiscal sponsorship with like-minded non-profits, it is just not a path for us at this time.