The Way of the Book Honor Award

NOTE: Starting in 2017, this award has now transformed into the Mentorship with Intent to Publish program.

The Way of the Book Honor Award

A Year of Support.

Free your Heart. Come into Voice.

Make Significant Progress on your Children's Book project with Maya as a supportive guide.

Award Intention:

The Way of the Book Honor Award was created to honor and highlight ArtistAuthors who we felt embodied an aspect of The Heart of It Philosophy, who showed great promise in developing their craft as children’s bookmakers, and who demonstrated a strong community focus of sharing their knowledge or experience with others. The award is provided by special invitation with particular support given to ArtistAuthor voices currently under-represented in children's literature.

How Honorees are selected:

We select recipients in the Fall of each year and the award period begins in January of the next year.

Honorees are chosen based on what we witness throughout the year. We take into account the intention of the award and the spirit of the ArtistAuthor.  While we do not have a formal application process, if you're interested in the award, engaging in our courses is the key way to get our attention and show us your commitment to children's books and honing your craft.

**Remember Scholarships are always available for all of our courses in our commitment to equal access.

Here are some ways to show your commitment:

  1. Take The Heart of It course & submit to The Heart of It Collection Anthology
  2. Engage in the Children's Books in CommUnity study group or the Make Books Now! Action Program
  3. Take the Believing is Seeing course and/or engage in the Monthly Peace group
  4. Show your community focus by sharing on your blog or if you're more of an introvert, allow your work to be honed in community webinars

Award Details:

A main premise of The Way of the Book Honor Award and The Heart of It Philosophy is a commitment to full empowerment within a holistic frame.

We understand that creating a children's book does not exist in a vacuum and we must address the whole person if we are to create books that truly speak to the whole child and create a new world.

We acknowledge the reality that at times our work goes unshared because it is challenging to believe in the power and value of our voice and presence in a world still struggling with equity and human dignity.

With this in mind, honorees engage in three of our courses with additional support from Maya throughout the award period. Because our courses are designed to be repeated to support increasing engagement with one’s creative power and personal presence, awardees have the opportunity to take their work further and develop their own creative practice.

Honorees begin the award year taking the Believing is Seeing course with additional one-on-one sessions with Maya. This course is used to acknowledge and begin to transform personal blocks and strengthen the heart in relation to self.

With that heart focus, honorees then have the next Heart of It course to approach children’s books as a radical act to come into presence and hone oneself as an artist and storyteller. Publishing a spread in the Heart of It Collection provides real life experience and can include steps toward their own book project, again with additional one-on-one sessions with Maya.

The following year, if the honoree is interested, they are invited to participate in the Make Books Now! Action Program that provides 10 months of specific steps to develop, produce and publish a children’s book. The awardee has the opportunity to self-publish during this process or they can use it in whatever way supports their work most.

Award Goal:

The ultimate goal of The Way of the Book Award is to support the whole ArtistAuthor in coming into creative power, personal presence and voice while attaining real life skill in the children’s book field.
You are an Artist, You are a Storyteller

2016 Recipient

Shanimarie Ogilvie

Shanimarie Ogilvie

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You can see some of Shanimarie's story and art in By the Light of the Rabbit Moon: The Heart of It Anthology #2!
By the Light of the Rabbit Moon

Past Honorees

2015 Recipients

Summer Edward

Summer Edward
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Victoria Bruno

Victoria Bruno
Read more about Victoria

You can see some of both Summer and Victoria's story and art in Whaleheart: The Heart of It Anthology #1!whaleheart-cover