Mentorship with Intent to Publish

An extension and upgrade from our original Way of the Book Honor Award, this mentorship program with Maya strives to create a flexible, sustainable model that can support true voice rising and initiate concrete direct action in children's books.

The Basics:
  • A free program that centers the experiences of PoC, Indigenous and Queer voices in children's books
  • Small group work via monthly webinars with Maya as mentor and guide
  • Full access to our classroom and courses
  • Focus on specific projects to publish as well as pass on deeper skills and remove blocks to success
  • Authors/Artists have the option to publish with Reflection Press or create materials for our School or free kids program
  • To develop a powerful relationship with your own creative force
  • To come into greater voice as your whole self inside and out
  • To stand in community and heal ancestral silence and invisibility
  • To complete a creative project
How participants are chosen:
  • Authors/Artists are chosen through our online school and anthology participation
  • Or through direct call-outs to specific communities

Meet our inaugural 2017 group:

Eddy Alvarez
TeMika Grooms
Mélina Mangal
Karen Simpson
Ovid Amorson
Nguyen Louie
Isabel Millán
Roxana A. Soto
Karen Su
Kristin Campbell
Ernesto Martinez
Shanimarie Ogilvie
Kara Stewart