How do e-courses work?

Never taken an online class before and not sure what to expect?How do e-courses work?
Curious about our particular blend of e-courses?
Or wondering about what skills are needed to participate?

One major benefit of e-courses (or online courses) is that you are free to participate at your own pace when it is convenient for you, any time, day or night! No travel required, no being somewhere at a specific time plus you can potentially be in class with students from all over the world!

Our Online Classroom

Course materials are accessed through our online classroom which you can take a peak at here. And one of the reasons we love having an actual classroom is that students can access ALL of their courses from one place, no need to remember different websites, just login and you've got everything at your fingertips.

Our classroom is self-paced, independent study, meaning...
Self-Paced Courses

You create your own adventure on how you want to work through the materials! Suggestions and additional support materials are also offered.

Once you register for our classroom, you'll be directed to create your login information. After your user account is approved and confirmed you can login to the classroom where you'll find all the courses and materials. You are free to view the materials as many times as you would like throughout the year.

Recommended Computer/Web Skills...

In general, basic computer skills are needed. Numerous How-to Videos are also provided to assist those who may be less familiar with some aspects of the online classroom experience. If you still have questions about whether an online class is right for you, feel free to contact us.

For the Online Classroom be able to:

  • Log on to a website
  • Navigate to different web pages
  • Print PDFs from the web
  • Watch videos or Listen to Audio online

Additional Skills in some classes:

  • Fill in forms on a website
  • Type into text areas on a website

Still have questions about the online classroom or other aspects? Feel free to Contact Us!