A radical and affirmative action in today’s world. For those desiring to live in their true power.

BellyLoveBelly Love:
birthing a revolution
through honoring the belly

e-course with Maya Gonzalez

What powerful revolution lies at your core?
It just might be that loving your belly could change the world!

If you are like many women who experience dissatisfaction with their belly and have a hard time acknowledging this area of the body or even feel disconnected or disgust, this course is for you.

The belly is the center of your body, the core of your being. It is the bowl of creation and intuition. It is the origin of love. When we open up to the universal power that is sourced at our cores, bellies may bring up connections to ancestral origin, family, birth, belonging, nurturing, home, comfort, being in a body and more. Whatever your belly symbolizes, you will practice keeping a prayerful and playful perspective.

In this course we learn to honor our bellies through art and thought. We do not silence inner criticism with fluffy affirmations, but instead lay the foundation to create real change. We learn to acknowledge the power and beauty present in our core and from this place the ability to affirm our selves and our lives will rise naturally and with greater potency

Here's a snippet of a video from the BellyLove Course:

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Radical Self LoveRadical Self Love
Beliefs & IntentionBeliefs & Intention
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BellyLove is a full course that arose from one of the projects in the Body Beauty Full course. I consistently witnessed women struggling with this project because of their deep feelings toward their bellies. I wanted more time to drop into reclaiming this power so I created this course.

Imagine if every woman loved their belly. That’s all. Just that. What a huge amount of creative force that could be released! There could be a revolution in that!

Breathe in. Expand that belly and relax down. What a beautiful belly you have. What powerful revolution lies at your core.

More about the course materials and their intention:
Belly-Based Art Projects Belly-Based Art Projects
to GUIDE you into using art as a tool to know about and honor yourself.
Using a belly image as a base, I'll model the project for each session in video format allowing you to witness both the act of making art as well as how I use the project to explore more about myself and my life lessons.
Journal Prompts & Meditations Journal Prompts & Meditations
to INVITE further exploration of each session's themes
Brief writing prompts provide the opportunity to go deeper into each session. And, prayerful meditations distill the session themes into a portable form to carry around with you. I encourage you to write the meditations down and read them out loud to yourself repeatedly throughout the day. Put a copy near your bed, on your mirror, anywhere you fancy! 


How I feel about my belly is a reflection
Of how I feel about myself and my world
I practice loving my belly
Because I believe all women are equal and free
I am equal and free
I practice loving my belly
Because my inner self does not judge
Being nonjudgmental is my true nature
I practice loving my belly
Because great power lies in my center
I am open to living in my true power
Breathing in I fill my belly with love
Breathing out I relax my full belly
Breathing in I fill my belly with love
Breathing out I relax my full belly
Breathing in I fill my belly with love
Breathing out I relax my full belly


Holistic Approach
A holistic approach is a mindset that takes into account the heart, the body, the mind, the spirit and the unknown as well as your community and societal experience to support the whole self. With the whole self on board the creative process deepens.
The journey always begins within, but not without taking into account the larger context we live in. Freeing ourselves and creating art from this place changes everyone. This is about full empowerment, not just about creating art.
Radical Self Love
This work is very gentle however profound. In this course, we do not dwell on trauma or its effects, but it is powerful to be able to ackowledge where we've been to ourselves and from that place real change begins.

What does Frida have to teach you?

A Session-by-Session Look:
Session 1: Touching the Core Session 1: Touching the Core
This first session is your opportunity to familiarize yourself with the course and begin some simple art making.
Session 2: Relaxing & Listening Session 2: Relaxing & Listening
This second session is about relaxing down and gathering a sense of belonging in order to listen to our belly's wisdom.
Session 3: Sunshine Session 3: Sunshine
Using the power of the sun, this session we explore the idea of being outside with our bellies free and open.
Session 4: Belonging Session 4: Belonging
Focusing on our bellies as our center of self, we use art, thought and nature to map a deeper sense of belonging, going in as well as expanding out
Session 5: Twists & Turns Session 5: Twists & Turns
Belly as holder of the path. Our bellies hold one of the greatest journeys our bodies ever make. The path of our digestion. The journey of our sustenance. Acknowledging and supporting the physical reality of our bellies is an important step in being able to hear the wisdom of our bellies.
Session 6: Claiming Session 6: Claiming
Deepening the Relationship, Making Commitment. By opening up to hear everything your belly holds, you can be present for more and more within you. Possible feelings of shame, self-hate, judgment are next to feelings of hope, power, wisdom, joy, belonging. The more you can see everything at once, the more you will be able to see how strong your feelings of hope and belonging actually are.
Session 7: The Change Session 7: The Change
Reviewing your journey, gathering your wisdom and honoring the change. You have listened more, honored more, paid closer care and found that within you lies your greatest power. Your “gut” feeling, your need to rest down, your ability to digest nurturance as well as your life experience and more, have been lessons as you used art as a meeting place for your inner and your outer self to meet. You are an artist. You are a powerful creative force. You belong.
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About Maya

Maya Gonzalez has been teaching about the power of creativity to heal and transform for over 20 years. She realized that it's one thing to make art and quite another to understand that WE ARE ART. All of Maya's teachings rise from her own learning and healing, inside and out. She has always used art and creativity as a tool for self-awareness and perspective through life experiences, including navigating and healing from a long-term illness/brush with death.

Hell bent on equity. Deeply committed to children's books. Maya is both an acclaimed fine artist and award-winning children's book author and artist. She is a progressive educator and activist who loves thinking the big thoughts and making things happen.