Believing is Seeing: Daily Journal of Transformation

A 31 Day invigorating (and easily repeatable) course that challenges you to commit to your own personal peace practice, remove blocks, and take action to create the life you want.

Believing is Seeing: Daily Journal of TransformationBelieving is Seeing:
Daily Journal of Transformation

Strong Enough for Peace!

Real CHANGE starts with your BELIEFS

e-course with Maya Gonzalez

I can honestly say I know what it feels like to be uncertain, to face the unknown and hear the voice in my head say "I can't," to struggle with issues of power and injustice, to even be faced with seemingly unbearable circumstances in which I can either suffer long term or find peace. And much to my surprise, I now know what it feels like to find peace.

But HOW  is it even possible to feel peace, especially when the larger systems feel stacked against you and set on blocking your path?

i see peace spread by spreadIn this course, you’ll use the book & journal I See Peace as a framework and guide to transform your everyday habits and open up to peace. When you bring more peace into your life, when you allow yourself to relax more and trust life, you naturally open the pathways to create stronger, more satisfying things in your life with greater ease.

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Beliefs & IntentionBeliefs & Intention
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More about the course materials and their intention:

Got my Peace, I can share!
Daily Emails to start your day with Peace!
Your Morning Daily Peace
View some I See Peace Journal Pages from Past Students:

Student Art from the Course
Morning Daily Peace Emails Morning Daily Peace Emails
Your Morning Daily Peace Emailsto PRACTICE making peace a part of your daily routine and set Intention for the day
Optional Daily emails can be setup to assist you in working through the materials and start the day off with peace. Emails include a-quick-bite-of-peace affirmations, guerilla peace actions, Peace-on-the-Go audio, and links to the classroom to explore more.
Peace-on-the Go Audio Narration Peace-on-the Go Audio Narration
Peace on the Go Audio Narrationto AFFIRM and take action each day, no matter how small, toward the change you seek
Life can be busy but even the smallest shifts in thinking can create lasting change. Each day's teachings and activities are also available via audio links so you can listen at work, in the car, at the gym or wherever life takes you. Ideal for when you need to grab-and-go or when you just need a friendly soothing voice in your ear.
Journaling & Thought Prompts Journaling & Thought Prompts
Journal Promptsto EXPAND the peace that is present in your life RIGHT NOW as a tool of transformation
Brief writing prompts provide the opportunity to go deeper into the daily lesson. And, paying attention to our thoughts is one of the skills that we’re developing. Thought prompts will bring greater awareness to different areas of thought.
Art Prompts Art Prompts
Art Promptsto EXPLORE how to manifest what you want in your life using art and a meditative focus
As we open up to more ways of knowing beyond the linear, rational style, words may not always serve us. Reclaiming nonverbal ways of knowing, expressing and communicating is very supportive. (You can view past students' I See Peace journal art on this page.)
31 Day Repeatable Format 31 Day Repeatable Format
Communityto CREATE a refreshing daily practice that you can draw upon for the rest of the year and beyond
There’s something very powerful about making the commitment to spend a whole month working toward YOUR peace and taking some small action each and every day to create the life you want. Repeating the 31 day practice allows you to drop in deeper each time.
Holistic Approach
Through gentle, repetitive behaviors we become more aware of our thoughts and consequently our beliefs about our self, our world, what's possible, etc. We begin by playing with our beliefs about peace as a way to not only bring more peace into our life and the world, but also to learn how to transform beliefs that are not serving us.
Linking peace with manifesting what we want in our life supports us in every way and supports bringing more peace into the world. The more we know peace and happiness in a personal way, the more we will create it in the world. Imagine if everyone in the world practiced believing in and seeing peace? What world would we collectively create? Is it possible? Find out. Begin here, now. It matters.
Additional Support Materials
Additional Audio, Videos, Handouts, and Worksheets support you in exploring your ideal peace-filled world, reviewing your life lessons that may be impacting your peace, understanding and transforming limiting beliefs, releasing stuck emotions and more.

Open Up to Peace

more about I See Peace

I See Peace by Maya GonzalezThis course uses my book, I See Peace, as a guide.

I remember when I See Peace first started becoming a book. I wanted to share a simple story about peace that included seeds to some of the powerful lessons I was learning. Intuitively I created a similar structure to my own creative/healing practice but with the twist of a storybook frame.

Daily Peace Pocket ReaderAfter seeing how a friend had drawn and written all over it, exactly how I had intended, I created this Believing Is Seeing course to provide a support structure to go deeper into the materials.

While having the physical book is not necessary (free copies of the e-book are offered on the first of every month), if you'd like additional support, the I See Peace Book & Journal, Daily Peace Pocket Reader and the Believing is Seeing Workbook are also available from Reflection Press, individually or as a set.

Believing is Seeing WorkbookCarry peace with you
everywhere you go,

throughout the year and
your entire life.

Believing that YOUR Peace is possible is the first step.
I See Peace


I see peace everywhere now.
This has been an incredible class and I see peace everywhere now. It is so deep I can’t go back-Seeing Peace has become my lifestyle and it works EVERYWHERE. It informs my conversations which are getting better, my business runs smoother…..Maya you really guided me places that I will hold onto and live in. Thank You.Peace Student

This course has been, and will continue to be, a life-changer.This course has been, and will continue to be, a life-changer. I now see hope, peace, and significant changes where there just used to be tiny hope and a struggle toward that hope. This is especially true for my creativity, relationships, and a sense of manifestation in the physical world.Judith N.

(read my full interview with Judith about how this course has affected her)

Peace never endsI am so happy the peace keeps flowing through us all, many weeks after the official end of the class. Peace never ends, I feel all in it, infinitely…Peace Student

She’s right. Believe and peace begins.Believing Is Seeing is a magical mystery tour led by the magical mystery tour guide and touchstone, Maya Christina Gonzalez. With her unassuming and yet profoundly deep wisdom, playful spirit and commitment, she reminds us to see peace by believing that it is so. And you know what? She’s right. Believe and peace begins. Trust and peace begins. It’s quite incredible.Carol G.

It is great to realize that I am ok to be who I am.Maya has touched my soul with her gentle, strong, loving, caring, serious, concerned spirit. Maya’s way of teaching is contagious for me. I love being infected with this feeling. It is great to realize that I am ok to be who I am. ( I am still finding me!)
I see Peace is some heavy stuff for me. This course makes me realize that there is a different way of thinking. Have I been brain washed all these years?I tend to look at life with another eye that I didn’t know I had. This eye sees me inside and allows me to feel and experience my life in a different view. As I allow my feelings to flow in and out of me, I realize that my energy is stronger.
As I let go of old ways and embrace “new” stifled feelings, I will not be that person that everyone thinks they know. I am tired of putting on the expected “outfit” everyday. I want to be me for the rest of the time I have here. I want to wear, feel, think, be, act the way I want too.
I embrace the peace that is deep within me. I welcome total peace into my life. Peace Student

It is a life changing experience that enables growth and clarity of ones self.The course with Maya Christina Gonzalez, Believing Is Seeing is AMAZING! It is a life changing experience that enables growth and clarity of ones self. It has opened doors of fear that have been locked for way too long. I feel supported by each and every member of the class. My art and heart are “singing” with the validation and challenges I have faced in the ever so present ability to CHANGE.Cynthia

(read my full interview with Cynthia about how this course has affected her)

Just reading the emails has helped me set an intention for my day.Just reading the emails has helped me set an intention for my day. Much easier to focus when you get that in order first thing.Peace Student

View more interviews with past students as well as other Peace insights on my blog>>>

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About Maya


Maya Gonzalez has been teaching about the power of creativity to heal and transform for over 20 years. Realizing that it's one thing to make art and another to truly understand that WE ARE ART, she attributes much of her own healing to small shifts in thinking to unearth the truth that, we are peace at our core. Just this small shift of awareness changes everything. She herself has used the tools this course is based on to not only heal from a long-term illness and navigate some downright painfully tricky circumstances, but also attributes them to the success she's had.

She's an acclaimed fine artist, award-winning children's book author and artist, progressive educator and activist and spends her days thinking about how best to support each and every person into coming more into their inherent creative power and open doors to new ways of being and relating in the world based on peace.