Additional Support

Besides the six main courses, there's also several other resources and support materials.

In the Classroom you'll also find:
Voice is a Revolution Mini-Course Voice is a Revolution Mini-Course
The Holistic Self by Maya GonzalezWriting Children's Books from the Holistic Self
Highly recommended as an introduction to all courses because it helps establish a holistic perspective of self and reality. Each of the three areas in this mini-course is attended to with video, worksheets, additional resources, books, how they connect to the other courses and deep trust that when we focus our creative power first in service to ourselves, what we create can change reality. This is true whether it’s children’s books, an indie press or solely a life well lived.
Children's Books Study Group - Video Series Children's Books Study Group - Video Series
originally from the Children's Books in CommUnity Study Group from 2014-2015.
38 webinar recordings, each ranging from 60-90 minutes. Organized with descriptions and tags to quickly find webinars on topics you'd like to explore around many aspects of the children's book creation process.
View a short Preview:
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Personal Peace Practice - Video Series Personal Peace Practice - Video Series
originally from the Personal Peace Practice Group in 2016.
A series of 10 webinar recordings that dives deeply into the concepts of personal peace and what it means, each session around 120 minutes. Organized with titles and brief descriptions to allow you to choose the webinars according to your needs.
Additional Mini Courses Additional Mini Courses
for those not ready to jump into the full courses right away or as a place to review.
Key pieces from some of the larger courses pulled together in one place for compact learning to get you inspired.
Anthology Submission Opportunities Anthology Submission Opportunities
in partnership with our indie press, Reflection Press and open to POC, indigenous and queer communities regardless of whether or not you're enrolled as a student.
In the works are opportunities to put your new skills into action and publish your work. If you're new to the whole process, additional resources and how-to's in the classroom allow you to learn what it takes to submit your work.
Support Forum Support Forum
online forum and ways to connect via the classroom for support.
A place to ask any questions that may come up while engaging with the materials.
Plus Other Extras Plus Other Extras
miscellaneous resources and and more added as we create them.
Fun art projects, tips and tricks for getting the most out of the classroom, excerpts and more.

More about the Course Areas and Approach:
Children's Books Skills and Action
These courses focus on the physical process of creating story & art for a children's book and putting it out in the world through traditional or alternative means.
Beliefs & Intention
These courses focus on uncovering any limiting beliefs about ourselves or the world that hold us back from putting ourselves and our work out there. This is about full empowerment, not just about creating books.
Radical Self Love
While all courses have a touch of this, courses that specifically focus here challenge you to explore what it means to live the creative life and to fully live your life as your work of art.
Holistic Approach
All courses come from a holistic place, meaning they take into account the WHOLE person. A holistic approach is a mindset that takes into account the heart, the body, the mind, the spirit and the unknown as well as your community and societal experience to support the whole self. With the whole self on board the creative process deepens.