Skills & Action
Children's Books Skills & Action Courses:

Highly recommended as an introduction to all courses because it helps establish a holistic perspective of self and reality.

Each of the three areas is attended to with video, worksheets, additional resources, books, how they connect to the other courses and deep trust that when we focus our creative power first in service to ourselves, what we create can change reality. This is true whether it’s children’s books, an indie press or solely a life well lived.
HolisticBeliefs & IntentionChildren's Books Skills & Action
Single Session Format

Short and compact learning to get you inspired or as a quick review.

Materials in these mini-courses are pulled from the larger children's book courses of The Heart of It and Make Books Now with some additional links and resources.

Components include: (1) Storytelling & Writing Prompts, (2) The Art of It: Creating Art for a Children's Book, (3) Writing Query Letters and Pursuing Traditional Publishers, and (4) Understanding ISBNs and Pursuing Self-Publishing.
Skills & ActionBeliefs & Intention
Single Session Format

Fostering a publishing revolution from within.

An immersive online children's book course for those who want to create powerful books for kids while simultaneously coming more fully into your own power as storyteller and artist.

Writing exercises, hands-on art projects, in-depth book reviews, community interviews and more all designed to offer a holistic approach to creating children's books.
Skills & ActionBeliefs & Intention
6 Week/Session Format

A foundational support structure to produce and publish your children's book.

Action worksheets, videos, book templates, and advance overviews to support your book craft and help you stay on track to create and self-publish a full color, 32 page, 8 x 10 inch paperback children’s book through CreateSpace and/or IngramSpark.

Skills & Action
10 Month/Session Format