Cancellation Policies

maya-been-thereSince membership to our school and all our courses is a nominal yearly fee, our cancellation policy is very simple and straight forward.

If you are new to our school, we encourage you to have a look around at our courses prior to joining to make sure we're a good fit and what you're looking for. Each course provides lots of info about what to expect and what's included, some also offer samples of some of the materials.

Besides funding and sustaining the school, our membership fee also serves as a commitment on your part. Our greatest hope is for people to access and use the materials to their full potential, we wish to support our communities in coming into voice and personal power and to make the commitment to themselves. In our current system, money is often helpful in making that commitment. However, if money is an issue in any way, we also offer scholarships.

SO, with that said...
  • if you do not sign-on and access the classroom OR you have technical issues that we are unable to resolve together, you have 7 days from when you purchased your membership to request a full refund (less $25 administrative fee, fee does not apply if cancelling due to technical issues).
  • if you signed onto the classroom and have accessed the materials, we are unfortunately unable to offer any refunds.

As a general rule, due to our small business nature, we are unable to routinely offer refunds to the same individual so if you have requested a refund in the past and would like to join the classroom again, please be sure that you are able & ready to commit.